Brand Identity & Design

Your brand is your business It is what you are, who you are and what your entire reputation depends upon.

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Creative Brochure Design

Innovative and engaging brochure design is a powerful marketing tool – they’re a source of inspiration and information.

Our brochure design team manage every stage of the creative process from concept to print, with professional photography, spectacular illustration, persuasive copywriting, creative typography and skilful layout. This blend, along with a fundamental understanding of all the latest printing techniques, enables us to deliver spectacular brochure design & print solutions.

Brand Design

We craft brands that open eyes, influence perceptions and build loyalty

Whether you’re refreshing, repositioning, redesigning or looking for something totally new, our unique combination of intuitive creativity and brand design strategy provides instantly identifiable and memorable results. Our brand design and development strategies ensure effective brand engagement throughout your business touch-points, creating compelling customer experiences across all your communications.

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Digital Marketing

We design, develop and deploy elegant and effective digital marketing solutions, including social media, email marketing and mobile apps.

From sales emails to a full digital advertising campaign, we design to captivate and inspire action. Every pixel considered and processes refined to ensure maximum impact and a great return on investment.

Corporate Presentations

A PowerPoint design presentation is probably one of the most powerful business tools you can have at your disposal.

A beautifully designed PowerPoint presentation will really set the stage for what you want to say so it is vital that it looks professional. At Parker Design, we can create for you a PowerPoint design which can move, influence and engage your audience like no other medium. It’s all about delivering results and we’re here to help you do that.

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Magazine &
Editorial Design

Great editorial design, whether it’s a magazines, newsletter, advertorial or journal, can entice readers and bring content to life.

We can oversee every aspect of a publication’s production, from design to print. Whether launching a new magazine or helping with laying out a monthly newsletter, we ensure every page looks great and that production runs efficiently.

Packaging Design

Packaging design that captures attention and conveys key brand and sales messages is integral for success..

Consumers are bombarded by choice, and how you display, position and house your products is more important than ever. To stand out in a crowded marketplace – whether in-store on online – it is vital that your packaging design and its branding has impact, and makes consumers reach for your product over your competitors’.

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